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About us

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We operate in an industry where knowledge and experience counts in providing a quality service. The founders of Jwili Laundry Services have over the years gained business experience through working in the industry and educating themselves to identify gaps and opportunities in the laundry and dry-cleaning market specifically in the South African environment.

Jwili Laundry Services has a talented team of well-trained staff with key personnel enjoying a wealth of experience in providing laundry and dry-cleaning services, in–depth understanding of the clients’ particular needs and requirements, which are unique to every client. We have a hard-working and passionate team with over forty (40) years combined working experience in the laundry and dry-cleaning services that carries out its duties with dedication and professionalism..

A culture of responsibility and accountability has been inculcated in all our employees at Jwili Laundry Services in ensuring that specific client’s requirements are met at all times. They have a professional approach and are individually inducted, fully trained and highly motivated to ensure that stringent standards are always maintained.

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